• CrossFit teaches and utilizes a broad range of movements including many technical skills. We are an environment that is coached. Before joining regular CrossFit classes we require you to complete our Foundations program as an introduction to the movements and how we cue them. These sessions accommodate all levels of experience. You don't need to have a high current level of fitness before you start with us. The weights in your workouts will always be adjusted to your current capacity. You learn about how and why we do what we do, how to safely perform the movements and how to modify them when needed. We learn about how you move and your capacity in different domains of fitness, to best accommodate your needs in the workouts. This is the first step in building a coach/athlete relationship. We call you athletes, not clients, because we believe this creates a more balanced relationship, each with our own responsibilities in your progression. Whether you have a limited background in fitness, or have trained these movements on your own before, you will find that being coached and hearing new cues is beneficial to your skill development or refinement.

• Before joining CrossFit classes you must complete our 7 Foundations sessions as part of our group classes or privately. The next upcoming Foundations #1 and the following 6 classes in the session can be found in our Schedule above and then by clicking the "Foundations" tab to filter the search. Click on "Sign Up" next to the Foundations 1 class to reserve your space. Private or semi private Foundations sessions can be started at any time, contact us at for scheduling. If you are transferring from another CrossFit facility please read below.

• If you are interested in our Powerlifting or Olympic Lifting programs please email us at for more information on how to get started.

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• If you have previous CrossFit experience you have two options for getting started with us. Please consider that our program and movements can be slightly different from many other CrossFit gyms. If you are relatively new to CrossFit (less than 6 months experience) we recommend completing our Foundations classes as this will give you a thorough overview of our movements and coaching cues. If you have more extensive experience and feel confident with your technical skills we invite you check our class times and create your profile in our Mindbody SCHEDULE, and then email us at to book a drop-in workout. We will give you an orientation and you'll get a sense of our gym's atmosphere. If you feel that you would benefit from a personal training session to catch you up on certain movements we can arrange this for you.

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We love having visitors from other CrossFit gyms. If you will be in the Squamish area and would like to drop in for a class please check out our schedule for availability. We charge $21 (tax incl) per class or you can buy a 5x pass for $95 (tax incl). If you would like to pre-pay for your drop in pass online please visit our SCHEDULE, click "BUY", create a profile and purchase your pass. Then email us at so we can activate the pass for you. Please let us know where you are visiting from, how long you have been CrossFitting and which 1st class you would like to come to. WE WILL SIGN YOU IN FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS AND LET THE COACH KNOW TO EXPECT YOU! We do not take credit or debit onsite, but alternately do accept cash or Etransfers to

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