Our kids program is designed for a special population: those with rapidly growing bodies and minds. Participating in structured physical exericse in a supportive and well-organized environment has profound effects on their bodies, their confidence and the formation of healthy fitness habits and knowledge.

Kids learn how to control their bodies and external object safely, find their physical capacities, and re-discover those capacities when they suddenly grow a few inches! By learning functional movement patterns at an early age they are setting neural pathways that make those movements natural. This helps to prevent postural imbalances and injury. They learn how to be proud of themselves. They are regularly presented with new tasks or revisit tasks they have performed before. This gives them the opportunity to problem solve or try to better their previous performance.

The kids learn to work together in pairs, teams and as individuals. Working as part of a team while still focusing on individual contribution is emphasized. They also learn to be accountable for completing tasks. Skills taught in our kids program include: staying together as a group (3-4 years olds!), how to warm up for fitness, squats, box jumps, gymnastic skills (pullup bar work, ring work, hanstands), burpees, skipping, sprinting, kettlebells, mini strongman skills (adorable!) and an introduction to barbell movements for the older kids. Our groups are:

• Co-ed "Minis" 3-4 years old (Thursdays 4:45-5:15pm)
• Co-ed "Monster Minis" 5-7 years old (Thursdays 5:15-5:45pm)
• Jayde's girls 8-12 years olds (TBD)
• Jayde's girls 13-17 years old (TBD)
• Pre-teen boys 8-12 years old (Thursdays 5:45-6:30pm)
• Co-ed Teen Lifting Program 13-17 years old (Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:45-4:45pm). Adding an additional CrossFit day is optional
• Some teens prefer to attend our adult CrossFit Foundations and then join regular adult CrossFit classes rather than the Teen Lifting classes.

• Prices vary by semester length (fall, winter and spring)
• Waitlist availability each semester depends on the number of kids returning. We are always accepting kids to the waitlist for the next session. To add your child's name please create a new profile in your child's name in our schedule and then email with your interest and profile info.


Our Teen Lifting class is a semester based programmed. These kids, aged 13-17 years old, train twice a week for an hour. The emphasis of these classes is learning safe lifting techniques, detailed body awareness, stability in their growing and changing bodies, and providing complimentary strength training for other specialized sports Their bodies are growing rapidly and the varied functional movement patterns and skills of Powerlifting allows them to maintain a healthy and well-balanced joint and muscular system. The strength they gain supports good posture that can be maintained throughout life. This is important while they are in a phase of their lives where sitting is a large portion of their day. Teaching their bodies to be strong and flexible is imperative to everything they do: injury prevention in sport, balancing out weaknesses that develop in their other sport specific skills, and maintaining good posture if they go into a career that requires them to sit, drive or use their bodies in varied positions. We also strongly believe that it is important for teens to be in a positive supportive community environment outside of school. They are surrounded by healthy fit adults (coaches and other gym members) who demonstrate a passion for fitness. We are proud to be one of few sport environments where girls and boys work alongside each other or together at tasks. At CrossFit Squamish we work hard to neutralize gender and age. This creates a strong culture of respect for hard work regardless of demographic. For teens who prefer to participate in our regular CrossFit classes, they must first complete our Foundations prior to starting. Their first "Teen pass" includes Foundations and then continues to cover their CrossFit classes until the end of that month period. They then have the option of either a "1 month Unlimited Teen pass" or a "Teen 10x pass".