Heather and Jesse opened the doors to the original CrossFit Squamish in October 2009

Jesse started following CrossFit.com in early 2007 as Heather was writing her Massage Therapy board exams; she started CrossFit shortly after. They had both trained in gyms and had spent significant time playing in mountains. Their coaching certification process began in 2008.

Heather and Jesse developed a deep passion for both coaching and being the students of the new training methods. Their desire to bridge the gap between fitness and health care opened their doors in 2009. 10 years later they have settled into their 3rd location, a custom built 5000 sq.ft warehouse (their dream space!) with a beautiful sound proofed clinic. The coaching and clinic teams have grown, and the programming options have evolved and now include Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and kids programs.

The integrated onsite RMT, chiropractic and counselling team supports members by understanding, encouragning and respecting the importance of physical exercise in a healthy life. The practitioners and coaches understand that Squamish is a community of people who have lived and played hard with bodies to tell the story! Team communication ensures that the gym's programming is evolving in the safest and most effective way possible.

CROSSFIT is a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program. GPP is used to build fitness that can be applied to any specific sport or life demand. The focus is broad movement patterns and varied time domains. For the majority of people CrossFit is about having a fitness routine that improves GPP. CrossFit has also developed a branch as a competitive sport worldwide. The majority of people at CrossFit Squamish train for GPP, though a select few add extra volume and skill work to prepare for competitions.

Because the needs of each individual in our gym varies we break our daily programming into 3 categories (SQ101, SQ102, SQ103). These options are all similar in structure but vary in level of technical movement (ie. 101 involves less complex movements and is therefore more accommodating, while 103 is designed for those wishing to compete or looking for increased technicality and volume, and 102 is somewhere in the middle!). Each day the our members choose their option based on the movements laid out or the intensity prescribed, the time available to them or their energy level that day. This system allows for individuality while keeping the class working together regardless of choice, ability level or experience.

PERSONAL TRAINING Personal training is an opportunity to work privately or semi-privately with a coach on a specific set of skills, or as a means of working towards a specific goal.
... for CROSSFIT FOUNDATIONS - Doing Foundations as private sessions provides the new athlete with undivided attention. It allows the coach to learn valuable information about the new athlete’s current capacities and spend extra time on the skills that need more attention.
... for REGULAR TRAINING - An athlete may prefer to continually work one on one with a coach through regular programming. This allows the athlete to outline specific goals or needs, and for the coach to tailor the program to meet these goals. The coach gains a much more thorough understanding of the athlete’s capacities and therefore can best direct them towards successful training outcomes.
... for SKILLS FOCUS - Many of our athletes, who regularly train one of our programs, choose to do a private session for a specific skill they feel needs more attention. During these sessions the coach will analyze the athlete's movement pattern and break down the components for them in more detail than what time allows for in regular classes. This can be a very important part of improving weaknesses and therefore improving overall performance.

CrossFit is one of the programs at Squamish Barbell, along with Personal Training, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and Kids classes.

POWERLIFTING is the sport of attempting maximal combined weight of the back squat, bench press and deadlift. At Squamish Barbell we have a group of athletes who specialize in powerlifting for the purpose of either focused strength gain, rehabilitation or competing. They train 4-6 days a week for 1-2 hours a day during regular CrossFit class hours as per the online schedule. This is not a set class but is programmed daily with a coach available for help. The programming is based on the Westside Barbell Conjugate System. These athletes perform a “max effort” and a “dynamic effort” every week, for each the upper and lower body. The training includes a constantly revolving door of accessory work to target the major muscle groups used in each lift and to balance out the joints. We use a fleet of specific equipment, bands, chains, and specialty bars to ensure constant adaptation and progress. Contact us for more information about this specific program and options for getting started. Because we believe so strongly in this system of strength training, we use a variation of it as our baseline strength component for our CrossFit class programming. This allows our CrossFit athletes to see significant strength and stability gains without having to specialize in powerlifting.

OLYMPIC LIFTING is the sport of attempting maximal combined weight of the snatch and clean & jerk. Like our powerlifting program, these athletes train 4-6 days a week for 1-2 hours a day during the regular CrossFit class hours. This is not a set class however it is programmed daily and there is a coach available for help. These athletes mainly train this sport specifically for the purpose of competing. The program derives many of the accessory work pieces from the powerlifting program to develop required joint strength and stability. Contact us for more information on this program and getting started.