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Over the last few weeks the activity level in most of our lives has gone up as we integrate biking, kiting, running and climbing into the schedule. It’s funny because in the winter, it was usually skiing OR CrossFit for most people… but summer and the long days means multisport days. Hopefully those of you who have made some nutritional changes are feeling a new source of energy that helps to offset the fatigue. Jesse and I were commenting this week that we are both feeling really good since being extra diligent with our food over the past few weeks. I personally hit 3 pr’s this week after a reasonably long plateau.

And what I’ve noticed over the last few days of teaching full days (since I don’t always get to see ALL of you)… is that people are generally feeling ready to step it up a little. And you are doing so successfully.

CGB… regular pushups like there was never any another kind…
Cathy… 95# clean in the warm-up
Boys… there are a bunch of you creeping closer to 400# Deadlifts (don’t worry, we have a quote for more bumpers!)
H. Beatty… I had to bully you again today…. but I was right again wasn’t I???!! (When you say you hate mean love/hate right??). You rocked it!!

And, all in all the size of your pullup bands are shrinking rapidly and for some disappearing! This morning when we did Jackie, 6 men and 8 women completed the pullups prescribed! I pushed you guys hard and you all rose to the challenge. I hope you feel good about what you accomplished today.

Stay on it with rest, hydration, food and stretching…. the spikes in the learning curve are the fun part (trust me).

And only because we decided that you should challenge this one Mel….. you might as well see how its been done.

It’s even weirder than I would have guessed. (If you have no idea why I posted this, then you better read yesterday’s post)

Have a great weekend!


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