Yoga Jam & Salutation Nation

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There are two fun yoga events coming up in the Sea to Sky corridor in the next month. The first is a fundraiser called Yoga Jam for the Africa Project on September 3rd. I went to a Yoga Jam event in Whistler in the spring and it was the best $20 (by donation) I have spent in a long long time. Even if you have never done any yoga I would recommend this one because it is so fun and really not at all like a regular yoga class (they somehow actually made an om turn into a bon jovi song). Plus, it’s at the sweet new pavilion downtown after the Farmer’s Market from 3-5pm.

The second event is called Salutation Nation and is from 9-10am on September the 10th in Whistler at Ross Rebagliati Park. This is an international day of yoga and is a free event for all ability levels. You just need a mat. The promo business cards for this event actually have wildflower seeds in them so if you plant them and don’t screw it up you should get some beautiful wildflowers! Lululemon’s creativity continues to amaze me! I have a bunch sitting on the shelf in my clinic room if you would like one.

I have dabbled in yoga for almost 10 years (that said, I am far from yogi status) and have to say that I have always had a surprising amount of fun at these events. My goal is to make it to both of these… let me know if you are interested!

Heather “in case you hadn’t already figured out that Jesse didn’t write this” Bell