Yoga for CrossFitters!

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It’s true. Although we do develop great flexibility and range of motion through CrossFit, some of us need a little extra … um.. help in this department. Tight shoulders, hips or wrists anyone? It’s a nice idea that we are all going to spend a little time after each class stretching but in reality it just doesn’t always happen.

Starting next Sunday the 31st our friend Alli is going to come into the gym and teach Yoga for CrossFitters from 7:30-8:45 pm after open gym. She is going to teach Yin style classes which is my favourite. In Yin you hold the poses for 3-5 minutes in order to induce a deep myofascial release. We use props and straps to hold us there comfortably. The idea is not to be strained for 3-5 minutes, but rather to set the body up well to encourage it to release. It’s also quite a pleasant change from the intensity of our usual gym environment. ha. If you haven’t done any yoga before this is a great way to start. We have all become quite good at laughing at ourselves so… what’s the worst that could happen?

The cost for this class is going to be a $5 cash drop in. It is going to be open to members only as a compliment to our programming. Thanks for your understanding that we don’t want to undercut our great yoga studios in town. I high encourage you to check those out as well. Please sign up for this class online just like you usually do. We are capping it at 25. There are two weeks on the schedule right now…we are just waiting to see what Alli’s schedule is like during the Olympics before we add any more.

What you need to bring:
1. A yoga mat if you have one. If you don’t you can just be on the rubber floor but it is nicer to be on a mat.
2. Layers of clothing. We will do our best to make it warm in the gym for this one, but long pants and a long sleeve shirt may not be a bad idea anyways.
3. If you have any yoga props at home please bring them. We need as many soft blocks and bolsters as possible. Be creative, a rolled up thermarest would do really really well! A webbing belt or daisy chain would also be a huge asset.

Alli and I are trying to brainstorm as many props as we can so any suggestions you have would be great!

Jesse and I are very excited for this one… you should be too.