Yoga and massage therapy schedule update!

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Good job to everyone who has come to yoga the last two Sunday’s. Hopefully your body is thanking you (although that may not have been how it was speaking to you at the time)! We are ironing out the kinks and the feedback from you guys has been great. Alli is going to be away for the next two Sundays. I hadn’t mentioned anything about it yet because there was a chance that her roommate was going to cover for those days, but it turns out she is going away too! So… Alli will be back on the 28th and we will resume the Sunday night classes then! In the meantime, I highly encourage you to check out some of the Yin classes at the studios around town. I have really enjoyed Lydia and Sarah’s classes at The Yoga Studio at the end of 2nd Ave.

I will be going away on Monday, February 22 for a week so the Massage Therapy schedule will be on hold for a week…. sorry for the inconvenience. Oh, and don’t let Jesse try to convince you that you can book in with him instead…
Jesse will be gone for a few days before that on a glory helicopter olympics mission so expect to see both of us teaching at different times and days through the end of February.