Yesterday’s Deadlifts & 500m Row and the 1st full regular class!

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Yesterday we saw some really great deadlift technique and some impressive numbers. You guys are following coaching cues really well and its showing in your performances!
…and the 500m row section of the leader board had to be wiped clean and re-written. Hopefully that weird little cough has gone away…. 😉

Today’s morning class was the 1st official full regular class at CrossFit Squamish! (And somehow Mike managed to wedge out all the other guys to keep the ratio 9:1. Look at him, he’s stoked!). If you can, sign up in advance for the Saturday morning class so we can get a sense of numbers…if we need to add another, we will.

I posted this video on CrossFit Whistler’s blog this summer, but I thought that since we have put so much effort into our set up positions and execution of this movement that you guys would appreciate it too.

Classes are starting to get a little busier and the Foundations are regularly full so we really appreciate you guys signing in and signing out if you can’t make it so that someone else can have your spot!

Have a great weekend,


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