Whistler Half Marathon

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Less than 100 spots remain, and the early bird pricing closes tonight at midnight. The race is on June 4th and the course is mostly valley trail. The cost until the end of the day is $75 and tickets are still available for the Friday night Carb Load Dinner (heehee). If you’re keen you can register here. Given the location and course I think it’s going to be as good a half as your going to get. Giddi up.

What’s the Best Running Stride to Avoid Injury -The Globe and Mail

In other news with another month at it’s end we have a couple more people to add to the 1 year+ list. As I’ve said before, if you can make it a year in here you’ve really got something to be proud of. Grit. Congrats to the Feb/March crew:

Andrew and Danica (who started on Valentine’s day)
John Fol.

Jesse “Just Registered This Morning” Bifano

Post: For all of you wondering about Bison… bad news there’s none until Oct. of this year. We didn’t miss the order, “there just isn’t any”. Welcome to the hunter gatherer lifestyle:( Our tribe will have to forage elsewhere. Luckily this doesn’t mean that a good portion of us will die.

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