Where will he be in 10 years?

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Our youngest athlete has put us all to shame… at 6am yesterday morning I explained, to the first class of the day, a little strategy for getting through the 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats portion of Murph. I’m not sure if it was because Kale was still kind of asleep, or he was just a little resistant to the math involved… but it wasn’t until about the 40 minute mark of the wod when I finally realized that Kale had been doing pushups every time I walked by for the last at least 15 minutes. It was because he decided it was just easier to do the pullups, pushups and squats in order. omg. Each rep was chest to the ground and every rep that I saw yesterday morning was clean. What Kale did is known as “Iron Murph” in the CrossFit world, and he finished it in just over and hour. Sheesh.


Think about it… where will he be in 10 years if he is willingly doing Iron Murph at 14?

Congrats to everyone who ground through their own variation of Murph/Smurph yesterday… there were a ton of first timers, Rx’rs and some really skinny pullup bands going on. You guys have come a long way. Congrats also to everyone who (willingly or reluctantly) put on the weight vest and dug in (I now have an appreciation for what that feels like!).

For those of you who missed it and are actually sad about it, there has been some talk of a few of you doing it at open gym next week…. just saying…

Enjoy the weekend. See you Monday.


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