What’s going on at CFS this month!

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It’s a huge relief to have left the transition stage of moving and officially be in the new gym. Now we just have to settle in and find our new routines. KJ had a cute description of being at the new gym yesterday… she said it was like the first day of school in a new classroom with all your same friends as last year and trying to figure out what you want to do first. Like trying to decide if you want to paint first, or play lego or colour. Watching everyone be really excited about the new “features” of the gym was fun for us and made our sleep deprived brains feel better.

Moving forward here is what is going on at the gym these days outside of the regular class schedule:

* Karen continues to be in the clinic on Wednesdays for physio

* Starting this week Tonya will be doing RMT treatments in the clinic on Fridays. Until now when you booked online it would default to just me. Now you can let it default to whoever is available, or you can choose a specific RMT when you do your appointment search.

* This Friday is 13.5 which is the last Opens wod for this year. All regular classes will do the wod and the comp team will be at 7:45pm. We STRONGLY encourage you to show up and cheer. The team is sitting in a precarious placing to make it to Regionals and a LOUD cheering section from the mezzanine would make a big difference 🙂

* The first Foundations at the new gym (they won’t even know how much space they have!!) starts on April 14th. Let any interested friends and family know! People can sign up online at Mindbody

* Jesse will continue to do personal training sessions on Sundays. Active members can book online, non members need to contact him to set up times.

* The Grand Opening party will be on Saturday, April 27th! Details to come soon.

* The deadline for signing up for CrossFit Camp is Sunday, April 28th! Info here!

* CrossFit Kids is now Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 5pm and Saturday’s at 9:45am so if you are in a regular class at these times you will be wodding at the same time as the little ones. You might get less Metallica and more of a dance party… just so you know. Yesterday was the first time we did this and the energy in the gym was unreal.

This is going to be a fun spring……