What Makes You Unique: It’s Different Than Most Would Think.

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I would but… I’m too busy at work right now, I don’t do good in the mornings, I can’t make the time, I can’t afford it, I’m just not very good at…, It’s taking a long time, I don’t do anything without coffee, I’m too skinny, I just can’t seem to lose weight, I just don’t get enough sleep, I’ve got a new baby, I commute, I’ve got too many kids, I got in late last night, my partner isn’t very helpful, my partner’s too busy, my partner needs me to…, my shoulder-back-knee-wrist-upper ubulous and dorsimus is too sore-tight-tweaky, I waited too long and my therapist is booked up this week, I already tried it, it’s just not getting better, I don’t like stretching, it sounds hard, I just don’t have enough time to: make proper meals-train-stretch, it’s always been this way, and so on and so on.

As coaches and health care practitioners we hear all about why someone can’t, and it’s usually expressed to us with an air of uniqueness, like they’re the only one in this situation. That somehow their set up is harder than the next persons. That the thing blocking their path is more complicated and immovable. Let us tell you something that we would consider fact: THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER PERSON. The different and unique people are those who conquer the adversity in their lives, the ones who don’t accept their current circumstances and actively change them (regardless of what everyone else said). It’s the people who’ve ground it out and forged careers and empires on hard fought battles we’re inspired by. Some of the best stories in the gym started with the same excuses as above except they took the road less travelled and changed. Someone who won’t help themselves can only be carried so far. Think of that guy from “The Beach” they put out in the tent. Don’t be that guy! Making you unique is the one thing we specialize in, please help us.

Think: “I have more control over my life both positively and negatively than I realize”.

Jesse & Heather “who want you to succeed in life” Bellfano (as Kathleen likes to call us)

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