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Chris and myself spent most of today down in Vancouver at the BC Powerlifting Championships. It was well worth the trip to watch some big, and some not so big people put up some solid numbers. Notably a 715# Back Squat. It was interesting to see how critical the breathing was. Big lifts don’t happen with a poor or inadequate breath (good news: I’m not being unreasonably demanding:)

Quotes from the weekend:

Chris (on Saturday morning text me in route to the gym): “what is Cliff doing running down the highway?”

Some kids at the Powerlifting comp: “want to go congratulate grandpa?”; (noting that grandpa just put up a 600+ pound Back Squat)

Tonight was our first Yoga for CrossFitters class. Heather, Alli, and myself felt that it went very well. It’s a great opportunity to take the time that many of us probably wouldn’t take on our own to stretch the areas we work so often. An hour spent on hips and shoulder mobility is reasonably… enlightening.
This Thursday night at 8PM we’ll be posting up a Intro to Nutrition. The plan is to spend a couple hours introducing our perspective on managing a productive diet and answering as many questions as possible. If you can’t make Thursday evening we’ll probably have a repeat session later in Feb. or early March. If you can: sign up, bring a pen or pencil, some paper, and something to sit on.
We’ve also got a great deal of interest and comments from people on a more social gathering, and would agree that one is long overdue. How about a Valentines Day Gathering on Saturday Feb. 13th?

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