Weekend updates

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1. We added another regular CrossFit Class this Saturday at 11:30am as the 9am is almost full.

2. Don’t forget about the potluck on Sunday night at the gym at 7 after the evening class! There is a sign-in on the schedule to give us all an idea of how many people are coming!

3. We are tweaking the Christmas schedule right now. If you are someone who has signed up for the same class for many weeks in a row but WILL NOT be coming to that regular time during the holidays, please de-register yourself. If you are going to be away for a week or more let us know so we can figure out how many classes we actually need over this time. Thanks!

4. How is everyone’s tailbone doing after Annie the other day??? It’s ok to talk about it 😉

5. To those of you who come to the 5:30pm class regularly: If there were to be a 5pm and a 6pm which would you be more likely to come to?? Please post to comments your preference. We aren’t making any changes right now, we are just trying to get a sense of which direction you would go.

6. Is the content of this video familiar to anyone? Both parties in our household could relate….


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