Weekend updates: July (ya right) 3-4th

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We are sorry that we haven’t been blogging as often over the last couple of weeks. We are in a good groove at the gym and there actually hasn’t been that much to let you know about! Usually we would fill that space with some funny or interesting facts, but the reality is….. the wedding planning has begun and we have been a little distracted. On that note, if you are coming please RSVP so we have an idea of numbers. We’ve said it before, you guys are our family and if you want to be there we want you there (it’ll be worth seeing…and i’m not totally sure what I even mean by that…it’s just a hunch). The RSVP site is http://heatherandjesse.wedquarters.com and the password is posted on the corkboard at the back of the gym.

Lots of people are heading out of town on vacations for the summer. If you qualify to put your pass on hold please let us know BEFORE you go.

The tanktops, T’s and hoodies are on order from the suppliers and then we will get them to the printers asap so hopefully not too long. The weatherman promises that we will need tanktops this week…..hmph
We did order a couple of extra women’s hoodies so if you were unsure or didn’t let me know you can still probably get one.

Here is a video to check out. I really enjoyed it: Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

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