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Ready for another list????? (I work in mental lists so this has to be the format so I don’t forget anything)

1. This morning was yet another milestone for you guys…. lots of newish people in class…and I posted “Angie” (100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situp, 100 squats). The gym went quiet and you all promptly stopped warming up….the looks on your faces were priceless. And after the next 10 minutes of anxiety you all ground into it with your appropriate “utensils” and got it done. I was so impressed with the quality of your movements. I hardly had to correct anything (just had to help control a couple of rubber bands gone wild). Thanks for working so hard. I hope you realized that you are capable of more than you previously thought.
There are always a few dramatics….

2. There are a few pairs of the Kanama lifting shoes at the gym to try on. If you are interested they are going to be $130 and we will put in a club order next week. Let Jesse know asap.

3. Roxi and Krista are interested in ordering the Rogue lifting shoes. If anyone else is interested in this pair let one of these girls or myself know and you guys can order together and save on the shipping.

4. I have spoken with a number of you about my “perfect everything crossfit shoe”, the New Balance 805. Apparently they are on sale right now at Coast Mountain Sports at Park Royal. Its a buy one, get one half price so they come to about $60 each. Amazing. Seems like a pair up and but them together situation…or buy two and save a pair for later. post to comments if you want to find someone to go in on it with….and I would call ahead about sizes.

5. This is starting to feel a lot like an online store blog….. we are looking into making some CrossFit Squamish hoodies and I am in charge of the women’s style. I have spoken with a few of you and it seems unanimous that we would like to pay a little more and have a great hoodie rather get something cheap that also feels cheap…so… we are thinking about getting the new long TNA hoodies. They are 75 each and if I buy 10 or more I get 10% off (wow). I will buy one of each size this weekend and you guys can try them on at the gym and put an order in if you are interested. Please please please don’t take the tags or stickers off though! You boys have to wait until Jesse finds you something as wonderfully cozy as the TNA hoodie. sorry. Let me know or post to comments if you are interested.

6. And as I write this blog, the final update is that Jesse is currently crying in the shower about his little abmat sore (and that is a slight understatement in regards to the level of drama)…. how were your showers?


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