Wednesday, Sept. 8th

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Just a reminder that starting next Tuesday we have an 8:15am class. Don’t be afraid of it the way people were when we added the 7am six months ago! Paul started to think he was going to get a private session every morning there for a while there.

We also wanted to say thanks to everyone for being much more diligent this past week and a bit with signing in and out with lots of notice. I no longer feel compelled to start a leader board for no-shows. 🙂 Although I did get some funny suggestions as to various forms of reprimandation.

Enjoy your rest day tomorrow… hopefully your shower doesn’t sting too much.

Here is a stretch for you guys to add to the mix:

Follow along closely… I don’t have a specific picture…

Use a belt or piece of webbing and make a loop with it. It should loop around both arms just above your elbows when they are out in front of you (ie shoulder width apart, if you make it too narrow you will regret it). Kneel on your shins and place your forearms on the ground, with a flat back (knees under your hips and elbows under your shoulders).

Make sure the belt is still just above your elbows and doesn’t let you widen your arm position beyond shoulder width. Now slowly sink your bum back towards your feet keeping your back flat and your shoulder blades low. Your chest and head should fall (hopefully) between your arms. Hang out here for a long time and breath.

Good luck.

Check in late Thursday for Friday’s wod.