Wednesday Sept. 15th 2010

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This was an email I received from Cliff last week:

“So I was thinking at 2am this morning when I could not sleep. Some of my best ideas happen at this time……..
For yesterday’s race the 4 brisket I did after all was said and done cost $160.00. that was for the sauce, brisket and charcoal.
I was thinking that if we could get 8 people that wanted a ½ brisket each the cost would be $20.00 per person or about $3.35 per lb. cause each person would end up with about 5-6 lbs per person.
I would be more than willing to do this if you want to do this through the gym so that everybody could enjoy bbq that much more.
Just a random thought at 2 a.m. when there is nothing else to do besides thinking about bbq.



So the gauntlet has been dropped. If you want some of Cliff’s bad*ss bbq post to comments and we’ll count you in. Note that cliff has included a terrible profit margin for himself (as per usual) so if you like what you taste it may be worth including a “tip”… If you don’t it’s the watermelon for you.

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