Wednesday, June 29th

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As school finishes up and people’s schedules change for the summer, we tend to see a shift in the popular class times from evening to morning. When this flow shifts we usually see some “challenges” with the waitlist and cancellations. Please be diligent about not canceling out of morning classes after 10pm so that the people on the waitlist can be notified at a reasonable hour. Laura got middle of the night emails two nights in a row this week saying that she got into the 6am class. We understand that it’s an adjustment to new busy times, and of course as always weird circumstances can come up, please just be aware that late cancels often affect other’s schedules. On the flip side…. please don’t show up to classes if you are still on the waitlist expecting that someone will no show… like the classic sibling situation goes… someone will notice that you are doing that and use you as an example of why it’s ok now. We’re not naming names but someone, whose name rhymes with spice, may have started that one (and 2 different people have actually had the balls to use you as an example already, can you believe it?!) 😉
We do occasionally bump the capacity from 10 to 12 if we see a waitlist and know that we can manage 12 in that class, but you will get an email saying that you are in from the waitlist if that’s the case. Enough said, we know it will sort itself out, we just wanted to give you a reminder so you can set a good example for the new people.

On another note, Friday’s classes have all been condensed into the morning (iiiiinappropriate shirt day take 2!) because Jesse, Mike and I are doing a lifting session with a coach from Seattle in the afternoon/evening. Saturday’s classes will all be as per usual.

Overall, really good work on the wods so far this week. I think that most people would agree that Monday was a successful day of PRs on the bench followed by some daunting workloads on the cleans. Well done people. And as for the Filthy Fifty… it was… as per usual. I love the crazy person eyes that you guys have during the burpees. I should really have taken some photos. Again, lots of pr’s.

It’s muggy and things are getting a little more sweaty around the gym these days so make sure you are hydrating well and watching your electrolyte levels.

Happy rest day tomorrow!