Watermelon Birthday Cake

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Its from paleocupboard.com.

Michelle D. was telling me about how amazing this cake was that she made…. the kids ate it before school before she could take a photo of her own creation so I made an exception to my rule about wanting the personal photo of the item. She said that “it was awesome! truthfully my kids were not thrilled about the coconut cream so I let them have a bit of whipped cream instead… but 9/10ths the way there! A great cake to eat before school on your birthday!”

Here are the directions from their site:

“All you need to make this is a large seedless watermelon, some sliced almonds, a couple cans of coconut milk, and your favorite fresh fruits. Slicing the watermelon into the shape of a cake creates the base, and the whipped coconut cream creates the frosting. The nuts and fruit add a beautiful and yummy decoration. You can also try using edible flowers for the top, and if you are allergic to nuts you can substitute toasted coconut for the sliced almonds.

This is best when served within a few hours of assembly, but I left this in the fridge overnight and nothing budged, so you can prepare it ahead of time if you need to. The watermelon I used had just turned ripe, but an overly ripe watermelon will probably release more liquid and will not last as long. Don’t forget to pat the watermelon dry with the paper towels before adding the coconut whipped cream to help it adhere.”