Warning for Paleo Athletes

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During the Christmas season there are a great many opportunities to endulge in both food and drink. If… since the last time you really got after the booze and food, you’ve become a paleo athlete you may want to consider this:

A Paleo diet (as we talk about) will build up a sensitivity to insulin (along with other holiday favourites). This is good news, except when it comes to a solid Christmas party. What you may find based on how strict your diet’s been, and for how long you’ve been on it, is: a dwindled capacity to out drink those you could have previously put down. Here are a couple of ways to avoid trouble:

1. Hydrate before heading out… With water you fool!

2. Know your limits: Just like Snatching, when it comes to you and the bar, some bad decisions early on could end up with a split head and a foggy recollection of what happened.

3. Eat a massive quality meal before heading to places where bad food or snacks are… Or take a secret snack (ie. “pocket bacon”: this is basically just some bacon in your pocket)

4. Avoid drinking games where your pride or ego is on the line (you’ll most likely lose). Instead, try to direct the challenge towards feats of strength (this may include a good ‘ol fashion fisticuffs)

Enjoy your holiday season, be safe, and keep your head on a swivel. It can get crazy out there.


When I watched this it reminded me that where you place can sometimes speak more of your company than how good you are. Jack Tatum wouldn’t make the leaderboard, but nobody would say he’s not a bad*ss either.

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