Wait, what exactly is the CrossFit Open???

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(2015 Open- Competition floor to the left, warm up pit to the right)

“The Open” is the buzzword around our gym (and the world’s 13,000 CrossFit affiliates) from now until it starts on February 25th, and then even more so for the 5 official weeks it runs.  Some people will reference it with fond excitement while others will be nervous about the likelihood of their least favourite movement showing up in a workout.  Anyone who has been around CFS since last February is likely to know exactly what the CrossFit Open looks like, so for those of you who are new to our community here are the basics so you can catch up on all the hype:

* The annual (world) CrossFit Games are held each July in Carson, CA.  Men, women and teams qualify from Regionals (in May).  Our Region is called West Regional and includes the US Northwest and Canada West.  To qualify for Regionals athletes must be top placing in the online Open for their region (Canada West is our Open region) that runs from Feb. 25th-March 28th.

* The Open consists of 5 weekly workouts (16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 16.4, 16.5) that are released online Thursday at 5pm and must be completed, judged by a registered judge at our gym (all coaches and some of our athletes will be registered judges), and logged online by Monday 5pm.

* If you are interested in volunteering to be a judge for our community let us know and we’ll give you info on how to get started with the online judges course.  It can be pretty rewarding to be out there on the floor with someone who is getting a new PR or pushing themselves in a new way 🙂



* There are two categories of workouts: SCALED and RXd.  Each week when the workout is released you can choose which variation you do. Your choice will affect how you rank overall if you do a mixture of the two over the course of the 5 weeks.  Scaling a workout will likely (but not always!) place your overall ranking behind someone who Rx’s all the workouts.

* Once all scores have been logged by the athletes into the official Leaderboard, you can follow along to see how you are progressing in our Region.  The act of obsessing over the stats and details of the CrossFit Games Leaderboard, from Monday evening until the next workout is released on Thursday, is now known as “leaderboarding” and completely appeals the more obsessed portion of our population 😉

* Last year 272000 people competed in the online Open. In our region there were 1374 men and 1140 women who competed.

6am boys hitting the Friday evening session!

(6am boys hitting the Friday evening session!)

* The categories are Men, Women, Teens as well as several Masters Categories.  Details are on the Games website.

The teens competitors!

(The teens competitors!)

* Last year we had roughly 35 CrossFit Squamish members participate in the online Open.  Each person is encouraged to register as a member of our CrossFit Squamish team (members shown here!). In no way can you hinder our team!  Each week the top 3 mens and womens scores from our gym are combined to make the team score for that week.  The people who make up the team score can vary quite a bit from week to week.

* You will be doing the Open workouts each Friday in regular classes even if you don’t officially register for the Open.  It only costs $20 to register and is fun to follow along with people online who are similar to you even if you don’t consider yourself to be a high performer.  It also gives you an opportunity to gauge your performance overall from year to year.


* At CFS we choose to make a gym community event out of the 5 weekly wods by getting everyone together on Friday evenings to create a fun and motivating atmosphere for all athletes.  It’s a little taste of CrossFit competition on home turf without having to go in a scary competition.  If you register but aren’t able to come out on Friday nights you can do it during regular class time that day or arrange to be judged by one of us some time before Monday afternoon.  Many people are able to complete a workout or two even if they are away by going into another affiliate.  We have had many visitors stop in to do an Open wod with us while they are traveling.


(The fans!)

* The class schedule will be adjusted slightly on Fridays during the Open due to so many of our people being pulled to the Friday evening slot.

* REGISTRATION begins Jan. 14th at !!!  If you decide you want to participate register and then let us know!  If you are unsure talk to one of the coaches or ask anyone in class who has done it before about their experience.

The whole thing is really really fun for our community.

Jayde and her judge getting pretty excited over the whole thing ;)

Jayde and her judge getting pretty excited over the whole thing ;)