Venice Beach Day….

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We have had this idea for 3 summers now without execution….

On Saturday July 6th from 10am-12pm, weather permitting, in lieu of regular morning classes we will drag a whole bunch of equipment out into the yard and work out Muscle Beach style. Think cut off shirts, no shirts, bikini tops, mesh anything, baby oil, power shakes made of unknown ingredients, lots of standing around, roller skates, cruiser bikes, small showoff work sets, lots of posing, lots of flexing, Mr. and Ms. Muscle Beach awards for best costumes…. I could go on but I don’t want to give away all the good ideas…. you can also just dress up Venice Beach style which really opens the door to endless costume ideas. Then we dare you to go to the Farmer’s Market afterwards in your costume.

You may or may not get a good workout in, its really up to you.

If the weather is good it’s a go outside… if the forecast guarantees rain we’ll postpone it… we’ll keep you posted next week. You have two weeks to put together a good outfit. If you have extra good costume pieces to share or need something specific post to comments her or on the facebook post. Kids are welcome, but just like at the Expansion Party we don’t want to have to be pulling them down from high places and sketchy situations.

As for food… it would be wrong not to have hot dogs. We’ll supply them.

Let’s make this ridiculous.