Updates: Bison, Clothing, Schedule, Logbooks, Skipping Ropes

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1. Bison: The Bison BBQ boxes will be arriving on Friday at 5:00pm at the gym. We do not have enough space to store them so please come and get them then or arrange to have someone pick it up for you. Each box is priced individually and the boxes are heavier than they originally thought so the prices are between $90-$120. Sorry, we know it’s bad timing, but we didn’t have a choice.

2. Clothing: I just ordered some women’s tanks and we are topping up the T shirts and the men’s hoodies. If you have a specific size that you would like ordered outside the usual S-XL please let us know and we may be able to get one for you. I am also going to do a second run of the women’s TNA hoodies by specific order only. If you would like one please let me know your size by the weekend and I will order them from the factory early next week (there are usually a few floating around the gym to try on).

3. Schedule: Next weekend (10th-11th) we will be away in the Okanagan for a little mandatory “party” planning. Saturday classes will be cancelled but we can post a special treat for you if you desire.

4. Logbooks: Are here! $25.

5. For anyone who wants their own skipping rope, we have a box of them at the back. They are $20.

6. This picture taken by Shannon’s dad after MOMAR is so amazing that we had to share:

Licking Dog

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