Updates and Things to Come

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BC Sectional Qualifier:

I realized yesterday that I’ve updated every gym in BC except ours. We haven’t talked much about the upcoming Sectional as many people are out and about these days, either involved in the Olympics, or avoiding Olympics by fleeing the country. All the same, our Sectional quickly approaches (42 Days). We’re hoping to have all athletes, spectators, volunteers, and guests signed up by March 1st (16 days from now). If you haven’t registered go to the CrossFit Games site and click on the “register now” button and follow the links through to our Sectional. Do not leave this until the last minute.
New with the spectators pass is the addition of a free guest pass. Meaning $50 will get you and a guest two days worth of Sectionals competition ($12.50/person per day). CrossFitters are coming from all over our province to compete in events that will remain unknown until just a few days beforehand. I was up at the university yesterday walking through the space and it’s a incredible venue. It’s going to be an extremely exciting weekend, and we strongly encourage all of you to be there.

Schedule Changes:

We will be disrupting our regularly scheduled programming near the end of next week as both Heather and myself will be away. As of this coming Thursday the programming will look like this:

Friday-Saturday-Sunday on

Rest days: Monday-Tuesday

Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday on

Rest day/open gym: Sunday Feb. 28th

Regularly scheduled programming returns: Monday March 1st

This video just surfaced the other day (good work Christine M). Mike is 5’10” and the box is 45″, making this jump 64% of his height.

Mike Box Jump from jesse bifano on Vimeo.

Mike: Another 4.5″ will break the 70% barrier. Giddi up.