Upcoming Schedule Changes… we are still growing!

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FYI here are the medal standings so far for the paralympics:

Pretty interesting hey?

On to business….

Classes are filling up quickly as everyone returns home from vacations and others finish Foundations… the schedule will stay exactly as it is for two more weeks (until the Sectional is over on the 28th).

Starting on Monday, March 29th you will see the following changes:

1. In the evenings there will be a 5pm, 6pm and 7pm regular class. If you were pre-registered for the 5:30pm you are now in the 5pm. If you were pre-registered for the 6:45pm you are now in the 7pm. Change it as needed.

*** To help keep the transitions organized please warm-up off to the side or take a skipping rope outside if the weather is nice. Showing up 10 minutes early should be sufficient for extra warm-up and to avoid clutter!
*** If all the side wall parking spaces are full please park against the outer front or back perimeters, not against the OUTER side fence (by the garden centre) where the big trucks are often parked. You can also park in front of our bay door for now.

2. On Thursdays there will only be 1 open gym session from 5-7pm. Please continue to sign in, but you don’t have to be there exactly at 5…you can come anytime in that block for any amount of time.

3. On Saturday mornings the 3 classes will be at 8am, 9am and 10am. Seems like people want to get in early and get on to the rest of their weekend!

4. Foundations in April will only be running every other week. The schedule after that will be determined later…

That’s lot of change at once, we hope it’s good!

Heather & Jesse