Tuesday, March 22nd SCHEDULE!

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Next Tuesday, March 22nd the gym is being used all day for a commercial shoot.  You’ll notice on Mindbody that you have 4 options that day. Peruse the following class options and then PLEASE SIGN IN ON MINDBODY SO WE KNOW TO EXPECT YOU!


6am-7am: Track workout with Jayde at Don Ross track.  Rain or shine, wear layers, running shoes, bring a water bottle and a headlamp if you like though there will be hints of light shortly after you get there. Jayde’s description: “Group warm up, and a sprint style day… my kinda running… short distances! Think “Rio 2016″ and a team relay to finish.”

7:15am-8:15am: Swimming with Jesse at Brennan Park.  You heard that right…. swimming with Jesse.  If curiosity is your thing, you won’t want to miss this.  He says to bring the things you need when you go swimming. Jesse’s description:”Swimming: noun, the sport or activity of propelling oneself through the water using the limbs… an hour of knowledge bombs with someone who has survived being in the water upwards of half a dozen times (if you take out showers and the hot tub)”.

9:15am-1030/45ish: Chief hike with Heather.  Meet at the Chief parking lot at 9:15am. Quick group warm up together.  Bring a snack and camera for the top. This is not a race and is meant to be social.  If you want to time yourself that is totally fine but the intention of it being a group activity is to make it as social as you’d like it to be.  “Chatting pace” is completely acceptable. Weight vests are welcome 😉

7pm-8pm: Stretch Therapy class with Dave at the gym.
Wear comfy layers and get ready to move and work for your mobility!  This is a free intro to Dave’s Stretch Therapy classes.