Tuesday July 26th 2010

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Starting at the stop sign on Industrial Way heading towards Queens Way
Turn left onto Queens Way
Run past high school
Cut across train tracks (2km mark on map) and come out behind Save On
Turn left onto 3rd Ave
Run down 3rd Ave
Turn left onto Main St.
At the end of Main St. turn left onto Loggers Lane
Run down Loggers Lane
Turn right on Pemberton Ave
Run to the end of Pemberton Ave and take the foot path under the highway
Follow Loggers Lane past Brennan Park and under the highway
Just past Government Rd. turn left onto the Old Highway 99 (dirt road entrance)
follow Old Highway 99 until it makes a hard right and becomes Pioneer St.
Run down Pioneer St. to Queens Way
Turn left onto Queens Way
Turn left onto Industrial Way
Turn right onto Mid Way
Finish at the front door



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