Since it's beginning CrossFit has evolved into different niches. For the majority of people CrossFit is about having a fitness routine that improves GPP (general physical preparedness). However, CrossFit has also rapidly evolved as a competitive sport. The needs of competitive CrossFit athletes differ slightly from regular CrossFit athletes in volume of training and in specific skills required. At CFSQ our competitive athletes follow our SQ103 programming, including the highest level of technical movements, additional loads and supplemental work to enhance certain skills. In our gym these athletes have not only demonstrated exceptional movement quality, but also a high level of commitment to training and body care maintenance.

Competitive CrossFit athletes may compete as individuals or in teams. The CrossFit Games season begins early in the year with the online Open, followed by Regionals in the spring for qualifying athletes, and then the elite level CrossFit Games in California in July. Throughout the year there are many other competitions for these athletes such as the West Coast Triple Crown series which includes CrossFit Squamish’s own “Fall Challenge”.

* Caragh Camera has amazingly captured moments in local competitions that we have either hosted or participated in.


These sessions are custom designed for the group participating. Strongman sessions can include work with atlas stones, logs, kegs, farmers carry, yoke walk, Husafell Stones, axle bars, grip tools, and nail bending. Powerlifting sessions can include back Squat, bench press and deadlift mechanics; as well as accessory work for Powerlifting or CrossFit, midline work, theory, programming, and application. These sessions have been "field trips" for other CrossFit gyms, stags, birthday parties, preparation work for teams/individuals headed to the CrossFit Games, or just a group of friends looking to expand their skill sets.

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Personal training is an opportunity to work privately or semi-privately with a coach through general CrossFit programming, on a specific set of skills, or as a means of working towards a specific goal.

FOUNDATIONS - Doing Foundations as private sessions provides the new athlete with undivided attention. It allows the coach to learn valuable information about the new athlete’s current capacities and spend extra time on the skills that need more attention.

REGULAR CROSSFIT TRAINING - An athlete may prefer to continually work one on one with a coach through regular CrossFit programming. This allows the athlete to outline specific goals or needs, and for the coach to tailor the CrossFit programming to meet these goals. The coach gains a much more thorough understanding of the athlete’s capacities and therefore can best direct them towards successful training outcomes.

SKILLS FOCUS - Many of our CrossFit athletes, who regularly attend classes, choose to do private sessions with one of our coaches for a specific skill they feel needs more attention. During these sessions the coach will analyze the athlete's movement pattern and break down the components for them in more detail than what time allows for in regular classes. This can be a very important part of improving weaknesses and therefore improving overall performance.