Training Smart

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This morning at about 36 minutes into class I found myself reworking the WOD for 5 of 10 athletes as Heather picked out who shouldn’t be Jerking due to nagging injury or other. This was news to me and about 1 minute after I had hoped to start the WOD. Time to rehash smart training, and the role of coach and athlete. Athletes get aches/pains/soreness/injuries etc. This is a fact, just look at any sports montage. Coupled with great success, are some big hits. A coach’s job is to help his/her athlete get as close to their genetic potential as is possible and achieve said athletes goals (we take this pretty seriously). To achieve this there has to be a two way street of dialogue regarding what’s not apparent to the coach.

First off: you can train with aches/pains and many injuries (we just have to scale and/or adjust the ROM or weight appropriatly). But you do need to let us know what your experiencing and remind us if it seems like we’ve forgotten (the best time to tell us is before class starts). If we scale a movement for you and it still is irritating that injury we can scale it back further, switch it out, or change the plan. But if you say it’s all good then we’ll trust you (don’t damage this trust).

Second: Know your limits. There are days to push harder, and days to back off, days to tighten your belt and dig in, and days to let it go. Know which are which.

Third: If you are sore come in a little early and make sure you get a good long warm up in, stretch at home, do contrast baths, soak in epsom salts, and make sure your getting enough sleep, food, and water.

Fourth: If you’re injured you need to have a plan in place for what your doing about it. If we have a conversation and you say something like “oh ya, it’s been bugging me for a month” and you haven’t done anything about it that falls into the neglectful catagory.

and Finally: Your not weak if your being smart about your injuries. Your just being smart. We’ll let you know if we think your wussing out:)

I will do everything I can to keep you training productively, but I need to know if something’s going on. Heather and I communicate as much as we can about who needs what modifications, especially while getting treatments, but we also need reminders from you.

Heather is amazing and has been working with CrossFitters for three years now, and is a great resource at your finger tips. She can, and will help you with the things your working though. She is happy to answer questions.