Thursday Sept. 23rd 2010

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Here are a bunch of links to use as a brush up and review of some of the things we’ve covered off in the last couple weeks and a preview of where we’re headed with the progressions. As we’ve mentioned in class it’s going to become more and more important to be very familiar with the movements linked below.

Clean and Jerk

Burgener Warm up:

+ Scarecrow
+ Muscle Snatch
Snatch Land
Snatch Drop
Hang Power Snatch

Snatch Balance Series

Overhead Squat
Pressing Snatch Balance
Heaving Snatch Balance
Snatch Balance

CrossFit and USA Weightlifting have joined forces and put together the first Olympic Weightlifting/CrossFit competition. The events will be live streamed (as the games were) Oct. 1st-3rd.
Athletes will compete under USWA weight classes and rules in the weightlifting (Snatch + Clean and Jerk) and under CrossFit rules in the Triplet (AMRAP in 10min of: 6 Cleans at 55Kg/30Kg, 12 Pull-ups, and 24 Double Unders). There is also a head to head Isabel comp Friday night at the closing of the lifting. Giddi up.

… wait… what’s this… OMG….

Check this out

I can practically hear O Fortuna playing. We’re going to America, who’s coming?

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