Thursday Oct. 7th 2010

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Thanksgiving weekend as Rx’d:

Eat a dose of Turkey
Limit bread/dessert intake (but blame the food hang over from grains and sugar on the Turkey)
VIsit with friends and family
Recover from the last month of training and prepare to hit it hard again on Wednesday (MobilityWOD)

For those of you who haven’t check out the link above, this weekend is a great chance to delve in if you’re feeling it (note: you ARE feeling it). Mobility WOD is a blog run by Kelly Starrett where he posts 10 minutes worth of stretching daily. The next 5 days is a great chance to give it a burn (it’s complete with written description and video).

Every now and again I may forget to check someone (or in some cases everyone into class), because of this anyone missed receives an automatic email reminding them about due diligence. This happened last night and I recieved an email from one member of that class this morning… It was too good not to share:

“Well I am a bit of a wall flower, so I am a bit easy to miss, but I was there.

I don’t mind getting in trouble for:
· bad plate set ups
· doing dumb things with my freshly repaired knees
· talking too much
· not making eye contact during demo/skills time OR making too much eye contact or standing directly in front of Jesse during demos
· leaving water bottles behind
· poor posture & general bad form
· failure to attempt any skill that requires being upside down or on any elevated structure or rope
· failure to comprehend any of the repetitions or combinations of exercises within 30 seconds of confirming that “I have no further questions”.

However I would like this particular item removed from my performance record/file please as I was one of just three people and I completed all requested activities (however badly) on 10/6/2010. I did however just eat a pop-tart as I supplied them to my team at work and they insisted that I eat one with them, so that can be a strike that replaces this one.”

Beauty. Just to be clear with all of you, even when I forget to sign you on the computer I still check you into the special place reserved for each one of you in my chest region.


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