Thursday, March 3rd 2011: Weightlifting Meet Results

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This Saturday just gone by Matt and Mel competed down in Surrey at a Weightlifting meet against some stiff competition. Here’s how it went down if you haven’t already heard:

Mel (58Kg):

Snatch: 37Kg-/42Kg-42Kg (92.6#)
Clean and Jerk: 53Kg-57Kg-59Kg (130.1#)
Total: 101Kg (222.7#)
Place: 1st

Matt (85Kg):

Snatch: 66-71-76 (167.6#)
Clean and Jerk: /97-/97-97 (213.9#)
Total: 173Kg (381.4#)
Place: 8th

Both Matt and Mel looked great and represented our gym well. With only one platform and an entire school gym full of spectators pressure was high. During the lift it was like watching someone finish a hole of golf (absolute silence with everyone watching). Matt was in a competative weight class full of thugs, placing 8th overall. First place winner Lucas Parker of CrossFit Zone pulled a 117Kg (258#) Snatch and PR’d his Clean and Jerk at 141Kg (310.9#) for a total of 258Kg (569#) winning the 85Kg weight class by 58Kg. All in all it was a great day and awesome to see our athletes in action.

So where do we go from here? Well, there’s two options for the immediate future.

1: CrossFit Games Open (March 12th-April 23rd)
2: SPF PowerLifting Meet (Sat. April 9th)

Over the next couple days we’ll have more info on both events.


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