Thursday, March 18th

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We are very excited to announce that we have peeled down the insulation from the bay door and we will be able to open the gym up to the outside weather permitting. This is very exciting for us as it’s sort of how we envisioned the space looking (not willing to accept that we don’t live in California)!

Sorry about the lack of interesting blogs and information this week (and probably in advance for next week). We are down to the wire on the prep for the Qualifier next weekend. Things are coming together really well, its just very time consuming. As we work up to next weekend, don’t be surprised if the instructor for your class isn’t who it says on the schedule…we will probably swap a bunch throughout the week. And just a reminder that Friday morning will be the last classes for the weekend until Monday morning, but we will post some offsite wods for your pleasure.

Despite being very busy, I did sneak up to the Callaghan for the morning to check out the paralympic biathlon…pretty fun event. 90% of the crowd was in grades 3-6 so not only was I taken back to my childhood by the smell of wet dirty snowsuits, but also “standing room” tickets were not as much of a problem for my height as I had anticipated. All in all, a very fun event to check out and if you have the opportunity to see anything before its are over I would!

IMG_2368The lady overseeing this got really mad at us for “racing” these….

IMG_2371This was really cool, you aim without looking by using the intensity of a pitch of sound as you approach the target

IMG_2367No comment

Enjoy the sun!


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