Thursday June 30th 2011: Some 1 year anniversaries

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A little overdue and behind schedule on the one year anniversary’s for April, May, and June:

B Good
Kristine Good
Lisa P

Good work all of you. You’re an interesting lot. For very different reasons I think year two is going to be a great year for each of you. Congrats.

Every now and then in the CrossFit world I end up in a debate regarding the validity of the Bench Press as a functional movement. It seems like some people have a bee in their bonnet regarding the Bench, which I suspect is largely due to is popularity in Globo Gyms. So is the Bench functional? Well, CrossFit defines functional movement as: ” movements that mimic motor recruitment patterns that are found in everyday life”.
Now I could tell you that the Bench builds tremendous upper body strength, allows you to work a “raw” pressing motion without the concerns about stabilization, give you real world examples like fighting (both striking and grappling), chimney climbing, football, etc. Or you could just ask the mouse…

Remember to all you single guys out there, when it comes to the Bench: No pecs, no sex.


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