Thursday Dec. 9th 2010

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This blog post is what’s referred to as a sh*t sandwich. First some good news then some bad news. Then some good news again.

This isn’t as old as the last to videos have been, but it’s a classic all the same. Plus, who doesn’t like a video with JT in it?

And now for the bad news…

Late cancellers and no shows: You guys and gals are at the top of my hit list. Night classes and Saturday morning are very full and some people are making it worse. For example: Last Saturday classes were 10-10-10-10 across the board with wait lists. Between Friday at 6am and Saturday morning at 7am 11 people cancelled out (6 after the 10PM cut off) class numbers ended up being 8-8-9-5. Similarly yesterday the wait lists where 1-4-3 for the 4:30-5:30-6:45 respectively. Classes ended up being 8-9-8 with 1 person missing out on the class they wanted. There’s also a fair bit of “gaming” going on with people on up to 3 different wait lists who also hold a class space (one person occupying four spots). I feel the biggest misconception if you miss a class, late cancel, or occupy multiple spots you’re the only one doing this. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Heather and I watch the class numbers and wait lists religiously and check stats and late cancellations all the time to make sure that we are doing everything we can to accommodate as many people as possible. When I say this I mean it: Please be respectful of others and do the right thing. Everything else we’ll look after.

Email, call (our cell’s), or text us (best option, but you have to identify yourself) if your not in a position (near a computer) to check yourself out of class.

and now…

Jesse “I still love you, even when I’m mad” Bifano

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