Thursday Dec. 16th 2010

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Your fourth instalment of the christmas video series:

I’d love to know how this guy convinced his buddies to make the video with him. A little of me feels like I would have enjoyed it more if they’d found a mascot that looks less like the horse head from the Godfather.

In more revelant news, last night on Weird or What (a new series on History channel hosted by William Shatner) one of the segments was about the Tarahumara indians (a tribe of bearfoot runners who live in the Sierra Madre mountains in Northern Mexico). They also interview Christopher McDougal who studied the Tarahumara and wrote a book about them (Born to Run). Check it out, if you haven’t heard or seen this information before it’s pretty good… technique and mechanics? who’d have guessed?

click here, then click the third diamond in the timeline (about halfway in)

This video made me feel guilty about having not spent any time on running mechanics yet. Soon… soon.


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