Thursday Aug. 18th 2011

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Here’s another hit of MWODs before we dig in tomorrow. If you don’t have some of the things you need to do this at home, swing by the gym tonight for a couple minutes and get these done (these videos weren’t selected at random).

How’s tomorrow going to go? Really well, I hope. If you’re wondering about the time management it will be tight and specific.

15min warm up
15min Back Squat
15min Shoulder Press
15min Deadlift

The key to this set up is getting a sorted in the first 15 minutes. In the first 15min you should:

-quickly get through DROM.

-make sure you have a rack, barbell, and ALL the plates you will need for ALL the lifts.

-bias your warm up towards the Squat (as this is the first lift) and by the time you move onto your Shoulder Press you’ll be warm enough and just need some technical work before your opening Press.