This Weekend’s Winter Challenge

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The questions are coming in quickly about what exactly is happening this weekend so here it is…. The Winter Challenge is happening at the Richmond Oval!

* The workouts run Friday evening starting at 6pm, and then Saturday/Sunday 8am to 5pm with teams in the mornings and individuals in the afternoons.

* Brad is competing as an individual and also we are excited to say that representing CFS we have Team Socially Awkward (they actually named themselves that and we didn’t argue): Tonya, Ellen, Pat and Fraser.  They are going to have a wicked time.  And as Jayde put it “Pat is going to PR all sorts of $%*# this weekend!”


* If you get a chance they would all love to have your support at the Oval.  Friday is free admission, Saturday and Sunday are each $15 or you can get a weekend pass for $25.  Tickets are available here!

* This is the first year that this event has been on the Mainland so take advantage of the ferry free commute and support our athletes.  It’s a super spectator friendly event 🙂

* Parking is $1 per hour and there is vendor food and beer onsite.

* Back at the ranch all classes are on as per usual, except for the CrossFit Kids Minis which have been moved to this Thursday.

These events are so so fun.


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