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Just a little heads up as to what’s going on this weekend. Jesse and Andrew are heading over to Campbell River for the Loggers Sports event there. Slater is teaching morning classes on Saturday as I am team captaining the girls team for the Squamish 50 relay that starts at 6:15am at the downtown waterfront. The 10:15am class is cancelled because so many people are busy with other things this weekend, and that will also give Slater enough time to get to his transition point for his leg of the relay for the boys team. If you get a chance and you are near the course you should check out some of the race. This is the first year of the new 50 mile course (a totally re-done route and new race directors version of the old Stormy race) and it’s drawn a really large number of entrants between its 50 mile solo, 23km solo, and 3,5, and 7 person relay options. There are also some high level ultra runners coming into town for this event. There are details and great maps of the different legs of the run on the website, but the overview is that it starts downtown at 6:15am, heads out towards Canadian Tire, up to Alice Lake area for a while, then over to Quest and up above there for a while and then over to the plunge and back to town via trails in Crumpet Woods.

If you click on the picture you can see it with a little more detail.

*** On our girls team the order is:
Dawn (my cousin who just moved here!)
Karen O.

*** On the boys team it’s:
Andrew “where’s the plunge exactly?” Slater

You will also see a 5 person team out there that includes none other than Cliff and Darlene (is there any event this summer they haven’t participated in?)… and the rumor is maybe Alison too.

Watch for our signature team socks… they are amazing. I’ll post to Facebook, to the best of my ability, where the teams are at throughout the day so if you live near the course you can run out and cheer. I’ll also post when we are nearing the finish line in case you want to time your weekly Farmer’s Market trip around that!

Good luck also to Laura (who has made a celebrity appearance here this week) who is running The Sea Wheeze Lululemon Half Marathon this weekend in Vancouver!

Also, I am heading to Ontario on a red eye flight Saturday night and will have access to email but unreliable text and cell coverage from Sunday until Thursday. Email me if you need me in that time.


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