This weekend was a big success! and other news….

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Thanks to everyone who came out to compete, help out, or cheer at the CrossFit Squamish/CrossFit Whistler Prequel to the Sectionals this weekend at our gym! The weekend started out a bit of a grind on Friday night with the power clean/weighted lunge WOD, but everyone pulled through and headed home to begin the rest/recovery/refuel process. Bright and early the next morning everyone showed up for the run/row WOD and posted some really fast times.
DSC02272 The weather was amazing! The fatique definitely started to set in after this workout and with only a couple of hours before the final WOD; everyone hung out in the sun and did their best to refuel and manage energy levels. The intensity definitely peaked in the final AMRAP WOD. The shirts were off and the judging was fierce. The room was loud and was full of sweat. It was competitive but very supportive. And at the end of the weekend the scores were added up and it was very close!

Top left: Nils on the erg,
Bottom left: Mike’s pushups in the AMRAP,
Bottom right: Mel’s WB in the AMRAP

Congrats to everyone who came out this weekend. We hope that you gained a lot from the experience and can head into the next 3 weeks with a little more confidence, or at least you have some ideas of what to try next time.

Other news item #1:
Many people have been asking us about how to volunteer or spectate at the CrossFit Games Qualifier on the 27th-28th of this month. Spectators passes are $50 for the whole weekend but this includes one guest pass so it’s not a bad deal. Alternately, you can volunteer to help out. Either way, please follow the link on our homepage to the 2010 games site to register yourself on our master list, and we will go from there! Athlete and volunteer registration ends this Sunday, but spectator registration will stay open until the event. You can also check out the blog on the 2010 Games site to see the latest entry titled “The Deadly Quartet” to get a taste of what’s to come that weekend.

Other news item #2:
Happy Birthday Chris (today) and Jen (last Saturday)!

Other news item #3:
This Wednesday at noon Shaw Cable will be coming to visit us again (the Vancouver crew this time, not the Sea to Sky Crew like last time). We are going to be holding a class at noon that they will be filming. We would really greatly appreciate anyone who can come at that time and doesn’t mind being on TV! Thanks in advance!

Heather & Jesse

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