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Last year I set out the personal goal of competing in three events that I had limited experience in. I met that goal and those events became some of the highlights of the year. With this in mind, here are a list of local events (for the most part) which you may want to consider:

Monster Erg (Victoria): Sunday Feb. 6th, 2000m indoor rowing challenge held at UVic.

Powerlifting Open (Vancouver): Sunday Feb. 13th, Back Squat + Bench + Deadlift.

CrossFit Olympic Meet (Surrey): Saturday Feb. 26th, Snatch + Clean and Jerk.

Dirty Duo (North Van) Saturday, March 12, Trail Run/Mountain Bike duathlon or each individually (Heather highly recommended)

CrossFit Games Sectionals: Early March-Mid April, details are still a little nebulous but keep posted to the games site if you’re keen. Sounds like you’ll do one WOD a week for six weeks. You’ll be able to do this at the gym and have us judge and score you to earn your place at Regionals.

Vancouver Marathon (Vancouver): Sunday May 1st, 42km run.

Ore Crusher (Squamish): Saturday May 14th, XC mountain bike race

Whistler Half Marathon (Whistler): Saturday June 4th, 21km run.

Test of Metal (Squamish): Saturday June 18th, 67km XC mountain bike race.

Knee Knacker (Vancouver): Saturday July 9th, 30mi run.

Gear Jammer (Squamish): Saturday July 23rd, 52km XC mountain bike race.

Logger Sports (Squamish): Thursday July 28th- Sunday July 31st, recommendations: Bed Race, Axe Throw, Burling, Choker race, Stock Saw (if you’ve run a saw).

Warrior Dash (Whistler): Saturday Aug. 6th, You better just have a look at the web page:)

Stormy (Squamish): Sunday Aug. 7th, 50mi run or relay run.

JABR (Squamish): Saturday Aug. 20th, 45km(ish) XC mountain bike race.

Haney to Harrison (Vancouver): Saturday Nov. 5th?, 100km running relay.

CrossFit Strongman (Seattle): Date unknown, ask around for a description.

Many of these events have registration deadlines, so if your seriously considering any of them click on the link and make sure you’ve got all the info. Hopefully by Christmas this year you’ll have a worthy list of war stories to share at the party.


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