Things you need to know for the next 2 weeks

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Summer madness has begun. It’s the 8th already for crying out loud! And its full throttle event season now with something lined up almost every weekend until the fall. Most of you have noticed by now that the gym schedule is slightly altered over the next two weeks. A bunch of us are heading down to California on Friday afternoon to watch the CrossFit Games in LA and support our BC athletes. Then we are staying down for my race the next weekend and returning on Monday the 23rd. There are also a lot of our regular athletes away right now so while we are gone the schedule is slightly condensed. We apologize to anyone who is affected by this. BUT the exciting news is that Steve is making a guest appearance for the week and will be starting on Monday the 16th. Sooooooo….. here is what you need to know:

* This Thursday night and Friday morning classes are THE SAME, so sign up for one or the other, NOT BOTH!!
* There are no classes this Saturday the 14th… it’s going to be beautiful… go play outside and lift some heavy fun things. OOOORRRRRR…. you could meet at the bottom of the Chief at 6am (beat the crowds for better times) and have a Chief Up throwdown… then go for breakfast at Sunwolf afterwards. Hey??!! good idea?? Besides, we need some new leaderboard times. If you do this don’t forget that it starts at the bottom of the stone stairs and finishes on the top flat rock on Peak 1 that looks like it’s lifted up.

* You should definitely watch the CrossFit Games live on the Games site this weekend.
* Next week Steve will be teaching Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all regular classes EXCEPT the 7:45pm.
* There will be no open gym next Thursday the 19th
* If you have pass holds that need to be done please let me know in the next couple of days before we leave.
* If you need to get a hold of Steve while we are gone please contact him at or text him at (250) 888-6865. The info@crossfit… goes to me so Steve won’t see the messages there.

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