Things we can learn from those who are better than us.

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This weekend Heather and I had some great exposure to the best CrossFit athletes in Western Canada, and over the course of three days were able to put together a list of points worthy of note:

Competitors treat warm up and post WOD recovery very seriously (can you believe it?).

In the warm up area competitors were friendly and joked with each other warming up sometimes together and sometimes as individuals. Out on the floor each athlete seemed to be aware of others but primarily focused in on what they needed to accomplish.

The better the athlete the less complaints about WODs and standards you’d hear. The best people in the arena were the easiest to deal with and would take a “no rep” like a champion should (make the correction and keep moving).

The best athletes would acknowledge a hard WOD with comments like: “This is going to be a challenge”, or “I’m going to have to work really hard on this one”. But would never say things like: “I can’t”, “I’m going to get crushed”, etc. How many times in a pre-fight interview have you every heard one of the fighters say “Ya, this guys probably going to kill me”? Never, even if that’s what’s going to happen.

No matter how strong, fast, or confident any athlete is they all have a “gut check” or “sticking point”. The difference is they have learned how to push though and deal with these points.

Canada West Day 1 Video
Canada West Day 2 Video
Canada West Day 3 Video

All of you have more potential than you would think (this is a fact). But potential and results are not the same thing, so potential is only of value to those who are willing to pursue it.


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