Things are happening fast now

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Finally, we are at the stage where jobs done make the gym look like a gym. My clinic room is done completely, the pullup bars are up and have been tested by a bunch of us, the “armory” has finally found its permanent home and is filled with wallballs, abmats and all the bumper plates (i’m happy not to carry the entire collection across the gym any more times…its fun and feels like a workout for the first 20 plates only) and the rubber mat flooring has started to go in. Jesse is away at a course in Ottawa this weekend and I am holding down the fort with a long list of little weird jobs that come at the end. We have had a lot of amazing help in the last few days. Andrew who made our pullup bars has helped with all sorts of other things and has been great company. Jay and Mike were down for the day on Wednesday. Mark, Tim and Nils were down on Friday (we found out half way through the day it was Nils’ birthday!), and Ashley helped me with a bunch of little jobs tonight. As per usual, the CrossFit community has proven itself to be supportive. The last 27 days have been crazy with the days seemingly getting longer as we go. But the interest and support that we are getting from so many different people is reinforcing for us why we are doing this.


Thinking about the concept of community and CrossFit made me do a quick google search. The psychology of “sense of community” is kind of interesting when you read it in the context of CrossFit. This should resonate with those of you who are already a part of the community, and hopefully will intrigue the rest of you:

Four elements of Sense of Community (taken from wikipedia)
There are four elements of “Sense of Community” according to the McMillan & Chavis theory:
1. Membership
-Membership includes five attributes:
-Emotional safety
-A sense of belonging and identification
-Personal investment
-A common symbol system
2. Influence
-Influence works both ways: members need to feel that they have some influence in the group, and some influence by the group on its members is needed for group cohesion.
3. Integration and fulfillment of needs
-Members feel rewarded in some way for their participation in the community.
4. Shared emotional connection
-The “definitive element for true community” (1986, p. 14), it includes shared history and shared participation (or at least identification with the history).

That’s it for tonight’s updates. I added more photos to photobucket. Its 11:30pm and I’m calling it an early bedtime. I was envious of Jesse who went to bed many hours ago on Ontario time. He deserves it though, I have never met anyone who works so hard and with such care for his work.

Have a good weekend