They graduated!

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You likely know that we have been in the midst of a session of Foundations that finished last night. This was our first group of since the end of summer! There were 9 of them and this time we ran 7 sessions to help get them up to speed (I bet you wish we had showed you how to carry the squat racks before we set you loose too…. and how 12 x 2 does not mean two sets of 12 squats). Clearly we are on a learning curve too.

So when you see these people in the regular classes make sure you give them a hand if they look stunned or confused, and partner up with them because they can learn a lot from you:

Paula (OMG another Hitsman!!)

Also, Kathleen just joined us from Whistler, as I know a few of you were confused how the “new girl” knew so much already (it’s funny how at 6am we had to clear up that she hadn’t just driven down from whistler for the class, but actually lives here now…. I sure like you guys a lot, but sometimes at 6am you’re not very smart 😉 ).

If you see these people, introduce yourselves as we promised them that you are all really nice. And…. the classes are going to be a little busier than they have been for the last two months so make sure you sign up ahead if you really need a specific time.

Bundle up!


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