The Weekend Recap Part 1: California

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There was so much going on this weekend that we are going to recap separately, and since I am the punctual one I’ll cover my part first 😉

Our weekend was eventful for sure, and not so much relaxing. For those of you who don’t know what we were up to… Nils, KJ and I went down to Lake Hughes, California to run a 50km race called Leona Divide.

For KJ it was a time domain training event for her Ironman Canada in Penticton this summer, for Nils it was his first specifically 50km trail race, and for me it was a competition environment training day for my run this summer (Angeles Crest 100mile).

We started the weekend by missing our flight from Bellingham. We’d love to say we know how it happened but it really was just a combination of things along the way. Having never missed a flight before I was shocked by the lack of logical reasoning behind the GIANT change of ticket fee + the current price for the new ticket. So we sucked it up and had to drive a little further to Seattle to catch our flight there. Nils proceeded to lose his passport in the Seattle airport (it was clear that the hex had been established) and we boarded the plane wondering what would happen when we had to come back and had to cross the border. Other than getting into LAX really late, the rest was reasonably seamless for a while. All we had to do Friday was pick up our race packages, eat, hydrate, and prepare food for the next day.

(And Nils found out that his passport was safe in the lost and found at Seatac which turned him into a much more relaxed person)

We had a 6am start on race day. There were 500ish runners on course of which 150 were in the 50km option with us. It was clear, dry and HOT for our run… that was the intention. The course was really good, the scenery amazing and the event was run really well with tons of enthusiasm. We all finished unscathed other than the stiffness you would expect from a course that mixes grindy ups and pounding descents, with all sorts of slanted terrain in the middle. KJ had a solid day and managed to stay feeling pretty good throughout the whole event. Nils had a bit more of an adventure (his water bladder hose connection burst 2kms in and he had to carry hand held water bottles as well. Lame), and he came in swearing he wouldn’t do another one. Ask him now if he would 😉 For myself it was as good as a day can go. I felt great, ate well, stayed hydrated, went out fast and was able to maintain some momentum through the harder parts of the course.

This is my favourite photo of the weekend… I was setting up to take a picture of KJ (who had built herself a hat out of her shirt) crossing the finish line when suddenly she stopped and took a picture of the finish line. So funny. Who does that?!

The results are posted here: Results (You can search by gender once you are in there if you want)

The next day we drove to Wrightwood, CA which is the starting point of my run this summer. We had the intention of driving the road that accesses the crew checkpoints but even that plan got stopped by a fatal motorcycle accident on the road and we had to turn back. So we headed to Venice Beach to witness some ridiculousness and pretend to do a recovery wod on the pullup bars at Muscle Beach. The trip home could have been uneventful but instead the hex lingered and we got a speeding ticket on the I-5. FYI speeds that are ok on LA freeways are NOT ok on the I-5. A trip to Trader Joe’s made us feel better.

Pretty fun weekend all in all minus the mystery curse.

Anyone want to come along on the next adventure??


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