The Things We Should Have Learned in Rocky 4

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Had we learned these things back in 1985 we would have saved a bunch of time spent buggering around waiting for CrossFit to show up.

1. (The obvious one): You just can’t beat spirit, dedication, and work ethic.

2. The real thing is always better: You can hook yourself up to all the fancy machines and testing, ride and run indoors when the weather is unpleasant, and be doing everything right on paper, but you’ll never learn grit and perseverance. And you’ll always be susceptible to diversity whether it be bad conditions, inadequate rest, different equipment, poor marking, or anything that doesn’t look exactly like what you trained for; when you meet this diversity, be it on the court, in or on the field, or any other time in life you’ll be ill prepared and your opponent will beat you.

3. Loggers Sports is legit: Did you see the single Bucking and Standing Chop? Boo yay.

4. The Russians are always watching.

5. However it is that you train, having coaches that are dedicated to your success is critical. Behind every great athlete stands a least one coach who did everything they could to get them there.


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