The SORCA Toonie race…CrossFit style

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On Wednesday night we hosted the second last SORCA toonie race of the season. Brad designed the course for us and Cliff did what Cliff does best… BBQ. To add a little CrossFit flare to the start line we put their bikes on one end of the field and after the 3-2-1 go they had to bear crawl across the field to get their bikes. Aside from a few racers that looked more like gorillas, and one that refused to do it altogether, I was quite impressed with the speed at which they made it across the field. I wish I had taken a video instead of this picture:


Anyhow, the food was delicious and we were impressed with the toonie race crowd. They were super friendly and extremely grateful to us for hosting.

Have a fantastic long weekend. Don’t forget the class schedule is a little condensed on Monday because of the holiday.

Here is one last thing to check out. Jamie sent this to us. It’s about women and calcium intake, which is great as it has always been one of my concerns with eating paleo.

Calcium for Women; Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple

Happy Friday,


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