The season of events in the most beautiful place on earth.

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As a gym we have a few events under our belt already this season. Test of Metal is coming up and we have a bunch more people signed up for that. There are also a ton of other options in the area if you want to go apply your skills in another competitive environment. For me, a half marathon is always an interesting check in and is as much of a benchmark as any other wod. I’m going to run the Scotiabank 1/2 in Van on June 27th if anyone wants to join me. There are also a ton of trail races (there are a bunch of 5 Peaks trail running races coming up), and the Gear Jammer and Squamish Triathlon in early July. Even if you have typically shied away from competition, I encourage you to give at least one thing a go this summer. You’d be surprised at the range of ability levels in these events… and we most definitely know how to grind out a task.

Today we tentatively put together the first official CrossFit Squamish team for the Squamish Triathlon. It would be pretty fun to have a whole bunch of teams enter.

Think about it. The vibe at events is great, and besides, CrossFit training is about applying our strengths (physical and mental) to other things. Steph commented a few times that she felt that CrossFit had prepared her well for the mental grind of doing a race like MOMAR. And it’s fun to use different environments to test and measure our skills. Get comfortable with uncomfortable right?

If you have any other events that you know about or are planning on doing post to comments.


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